Darius Woo is an architect who moonlights as an artist in New York City. Fascinated with colors, textures and patterns of everyday paper objects, he gathers used tickets, torn envelopes and merchandise receipts from his daily routines that become a source of inspiration and a medium for his collages. Darius animates his collages by developing a narrative around the seemingly mundane paper objects, and drawing attention to their innate beauty by articulating shapes and forms. 

Trained as an architect, Darius mediates between his professional inclination to control form and composition, and his artistic instinct to play and improvise. The result of such a process is a series of whimsical characters, each with a unique story to tell, growing organically around the chroma and patterns of the chosen artifact. His work celebrates the commonplace of life, and invites its audience to appreciate the unexpected beauty that can be found everywhere.

Darius holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University, where he was awarded both the Sands Memorial medal for Design Excellence and the Eidlitz Travel Fellowship. He is a Registered Architect in the State of New York.

In 2018, Darius and Kyriaki Kasabalis co-founded Future Current, a social platform for inspiring individuals to advance their pursuits and build a community together over food.